Pani Puri

Pani Puri is a popular Indian street snack that really needs no introduction. It is widely popular in each state of India. It is also known as 'Golgappa' or 'Puchka'or 'Gupchup' in different parts of India.

Basically, Pani is water and puri is round crispy fried balls made from all purpose flour or wheat flour or sooji ( semolina). You have to make a hole in the center of puri with your thumb , add some filling, chutneys and immediately put puri in your mouth. Is it exciting? The filling also varies from region to region. Some of them are 'Ragda'( yellow peas curry) or simple boiled potatoes with salt and pepper.

As I grew up in Mumbai, many of the street vendors used to add hot yellow peas curry and then dip into cold spicy tangy water. I used the same style since I love the hot and cold combo together and also you can make Ragda Pattice to make a whole meal for the family or friends.

Along with the filling, another important ingredients are sweet chutney and tangy -spicy water. I always make chutneys ready in the freezer so that I can make following recipes any time :))


  • 1 serving green chutney
  • 1 serving sweet chutney
  • 1 serving ragda or 2-3 boiled potatoes
  • Puris
  • ½ cup Tamarind or 1 teaspoon tamarind concentrate
  • 1 teaspoon rock salt
  • 1 tablespoon pani puri masala
  • salt to taste

Green Chutney

Sweet Chutney


  1. Soak tamarind in the water for 30 minutes. Mash the tamarind with your hands and strain the mixture through the strainer.
  2. Get the green chutney in a large bowl. Strain the chutney through a strainer. Add tamarind, rock salt, pani puri masala, salt, and 3-4 cups of water.
  3. Stir the mixture properly. Keep this aside for 3-4 hours.
  4. Again, stir the water and adjust the masala or salt if necessary.
  5. Get the sweet chutney in a bowl and add water to make it thinner according to desired consistency.
  6. Get ragda in a bowl. If you are not using ragda, get boiled potatoes and mash them. Add salt and rock salt to taste and keep aside.
  7. Get a plate. Add 5-6 puris and poke them on top. Add teaspoon of ragda mixture in the puris.
  8. Add sweet chutney and green water according to your taste. Serve immediately.


I used tamarind concentrate for this recipe. Since it is more sour than soaked tamarind pulp, you will need it less.